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August 27, 2010 - NHUC Newsletter: Arrive Safely

Dear Highway User:
As drivers return from summer vacations and students return to school and we spend more time travelling in school zones, safety should be the continued top priority when operating motor vehicles. According to the US DOT, fatalities related to automobiles have dramatically decreased.

  • 5.30 fatalities per 100,000 vehicle miles traveled in 1965
  • 1.16 fatalities per 100,000 vehicle miles traveled in 2009.

Even with these changes in numbers, the number one cause of accidental death in the United States remains car crashes. There are a variety of reasons these accidents happen, some reasons being distracted drivers and poor road conditions, but the number one reason is excessive speed, which makes up about 1/3 of all auto crash deaths. Additionally, about 750 people a year die in crashes involving motorists running stop lights.

The coalition asks you to please take the time to drive carefully and not allow accident statistics to increase.

Finally, be especially careful in school and construction zones as these areas both represent the future.


Louis DeSalvio, Candidate for Assembly District 19 Part 2: Transportation Issues Interview With Assembly 13 Candidate Louis DeSalvio
Louis DeSalvio is running for Assembly District 13 covering much of the northwestern area of Clark County. Louis serves as the Southern Nevada Laborers’ Union training director. This is his first run for public office.

Nevada Highway Users Coalition: Do you have any innovative ideas for funding the future of transportation in Nevada?

Louis DeSalvio: I do not favor raising taxes. I am hearing from my constituents that they may be willing to pay for tolls but they think most of the toll roads should be on the borders of the state. We need to work on our roads and transportation systems to create more jobs, which in turn creates more revenue and better infrastructure.

NHUC: Do you see vehicle miles traveled fees, weight distance taxes, toll roads or additional fees as part of the solution to solving our transportation funding problems?

LD: I do not favor vehicle miles traveled fees but would be willing to learn more about weight distance taxes. I would like to learn more about other options outside of the gas taxes as our only source of funding transportation.

NHUC: As you are walking door to door and meeting with potential future constituents in the state of Nevada, are you hearing about transportation issues?

LD: I am hearing a lot about mass transit and more direct routes. Many of my constituents are commuters. My future constituents would like to take trains, if possible, to a central business district where they could connect to other mass transit.

NHUC: Are you aware that the 2009 legislature redirected an estimated $50 million from a portion of the Government services tax on vehicle registration fees that would have gone to transportation funding? Would you support reinstating that money into the Department of Transportation budgets that have the potential of creating $500 million worth of road and highway projects earlier than the 2013 session?

LD: Yes, I would like to redirect these funds. I am tired of short term solutions to fix long-term problems. Redirecting funds from unrelated areas is not the way to govern. We need to look at the overall budget early in the session and not try to patch things together. When we do not look at the whole picture early, we find out too late that we have made errors.

Parts 3 and 4 will feature Assembly Candidates, Richard “Skip” Daly, District 31(Reno and Sparks) and John Ellison, District 33 (Northeastern Nevada).

Nevada Updates

Design Build: Fast Track to Savings or Bane to Fair Competition
Finding efficiency in building new highways and other state structures could offer time savings on design build against the open bidding process. State law now restricts the transportation department to one design-build project a year in the $5 million to $20 million range. Click here to read more about The Blue Ribbon Panel of the Nevada Spending and Government Efficiency Commission’s review.

US 50 Gets Lion’s Share of Lyon County Road Work
Millions of dollars worth of proposed long-term road projects have been identified in Lyon County for the next decade. A majority of the work, part of a Nevada Department of Transportation 2011-20 list, is slated for US 50. Read more.

US 95 Project Boosts Community’s Transportation Investment
NDOT and Las Vegas area officials broke ground on the $68 million U.S. 95 project earlier this month. The 2.5-year project will widen U.S. 95 from Washington Avenue to Ann Road by adding a high-occupancy vehicle lane. It also includes major renovations to interchanges along the corridor and will add landscaping and sound walls to parts of the freeway. Read more.

Carson Bypass Funds Fall Short
Utility work, a major drainage system, fencing and two bridges are under construction on the Carson bypass project. But the Nevada Department of Transportation still doesn't have the estimated $100 million needed to build the road bed underneath those bridges and finish the bypass. Read more.

Stimulus Money Funds Henderson Road Projects
Nevada received about $200 million for road projects and about $50 million for transit projects from the stimulus act, a net creation of 1,600 jobs. Some of those benefits helped resurface parts of Henderson’s roadways which were more than 15 years old and in desperate need of repair. Read more.

However, the road to recovery for Nevada may be a case of too little too late, according to one economist. Read more.

Another Loophole, Another Driver Not Paying Their Fair Share for Roads
Boulder City Manager Vicki Mayes' ride sported Montana license plates on the advice of her attorney. Some observant media coverage finally convinced her that if you drive Nevada roads and live in Nevada, you should register your vehicle in Nevada. Read more.

National Updates
Highway Funding Hero? Toll Roads?
With a paucity of revenue at the state level and the federal government unwilling to budge over gas taxes, more states are forced to stand alone and are looking at toll roads to bridge the gap. Read more.

GAO: States get back what they put in for highways
Since 2005, every state received as much or more funding for highway programs as they contributed to the Highway Account of the trust fund,” GAO officials recently reported. The lone exception was Texas, which had 99.7 cents on the dollar returned for highway programs. Read more.

Campaign Launched to Cajole Congress into Long-Term Highway Funding
A national advertising campaign launched in South Dakota this month is urging Americans to contact their federal representatives to demand Congress pass a bill to fix the nation's deteriorating roads and bridges. The previous long-term federal transportation bill expired in September, and Congress has been providing short-term fixes, which prevent long-term planning. Read more.

Highways Missing Their Stripes
Highway construction contractors ran their paving machines thanks to federal dollars, but companies that put the lines on the concrete and asphalt nearly ran out of paint. A shortage of two chemicals has thinned the supply of highway paint. Read more.

International Updates
The Price of Progress: Gridlock
A 10-day traffic jam outside Beijing stretched to 62 miles recently. The state transportation agency estimates that the average driving speeds in the capital could drop below 15 kilometers an hour if residents keep on buying at current rates of 2,000 new cars a day. At that pace, Beijing will have 7 million vehicles by 2015. China was once known as the Bicycle Kingdom. Read more.

According to the 2009 NDOT facts and figures report, NDOT manages 5,376 miles of centerline roadway. Comparably, Clark County has the most roadway miles with 753 followed by Elko County with 718. (2nd Quarter, Nevada’s 2010 report on State Maintained Highways Descriptions, Index’s and Maps Report, Page 8)


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